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2014 here we come!

January 17, 2014

2014 looks to be a good year. In the past our garden has been run as a market garden, but this year we are changing it up. We are going to be growing a portion for extended household use and sharing with our helpers, a portion for storage (freezing, canning, fermenting, and cellaring), a portion for wholesale outlets like local restaurants and the Fresh Food Share, and a portion for farmers market with Grown in Detroit. The last couple years were run on dwindling energy til we finally hit burn out mode midsummer last year. This new focus comes with new enthusiasm and excitement to grow, eat, store, and distribute food that is healthy for people and for the earth.

We’re still figuring out which projects we’ll have time and money for at this point. Our first goal is to have the second house move in ready by fall. Some other things we’ll be working on are the completion of our street water diversion garden, more plantings in the food forest, installing a root cellar, and hopefully finally getting chickens. We have some more work to do with our rocket mass heater and it’s possible that we’ll get started on our outdoor kitchen/processing station. The add on passive solar greenhouse will likely get pushed back til next year, but who knows. We also have a pallet shed to finish, rain catchments to install on both houses and the shed, among a whole host of other projects that we hope to accomplish in the next 2 years!

The indiegogo has been pushed backed largely because it took more effort than we anticipated and we really didn’t want to release something sub par. We will likely take that one up again in a couple months.

There will be plenty of volunteer opportunities in the garden and on some of our upcoming projects. Please get ahold of us if you’re interested in getting involved. Thank you!

Email jeremy at to get in touch with us


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