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May 3, 2013

The weather this spring has been a little on the interesting side so far. Compared to last year we’re getting much more rain, which is a good thing. A week after we planted our greens for the first market of the year, the temperature dipped below freezing at night and not much above 40 during the day time. Unfortunately that is going to limit what we have for our market debut at the Farmington Farmers Market. The cold has delayed the fruit tree blossoms, which I hope means a big year for michigan fruit growers (especially after last year’s catastrophe).

We’re really excited to be selling at a new market this year and we think Farmington will be a good home for us. As much as we love our Detroit markets, namely Eastern Market, the competition between fellow growers selling the same crops to the same customers was starting to get overwhelming. As it turns out, the Farmington Market is a few miles closer to us and will give us a new customer base. We will be selling mostly specialty/niche market crops. Our main focus will be seasonal salads and greens, but we will try to work in different crops that the bigger growers at the market don’t feel like messing with. Should be a fun experiment!

Also, trees will be arriving in the mail in the next week, so its time to prepare for another round of plantings over at the Brightmoor Edible Forest Garden. Blessed Springtime!


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