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Its Go Time!

April 12, 2013

This year’s garden season is getting a bit of a late start, especially compared to last year! The cold weather keeps lingering, making getting int the soil quite difficult. With the power of hoop houses, we’re getting things going. April first was the first time we worked in the soil. I was working mostly alone, with some occational help from Zack. Actually, he was mostly just playing in the soil and looking for bugs, but thats okay.

I set up some pallet tables on cinderblocks to start transplants for the veggie garden in hoop house 2. I also prepped all the beds for planting spring greens. We’ll be making our debut at Farmington Market and a month, so we need to get going! We are also seeding medicinal herbs and wild flowers for the forest garden. We’ll have another round of tree planting coming in a mont. More info on that very soon. I’m sure that we’ll make an event of it. Another event associated with the forest garden is our upcoming grafting and plant propagation workshop. Click the link for more info.

Hoop house 1 still has tons of greens growing from the early fall planting, and I suspect will keep going well into the spring. Some of the lettuces turned to mush…as did the arugula and radishes. I’m going to clear those sections out and replant this week. The red veined sorrel is looking quite beautiful and will look stunning in our spring mix this year.

After all the greens are up and established, we’ll move the tunnels in about a month, just in time to give the hot crops a couple weeks head start. These haven’t even been seeded, so we might need to purchase a flat for early production. Im hoping to get the others going in the next day or two. Looking forward to it actually feeling like spring outside!


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