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Looking back and moving forward

December 18, 2012

Well it’s been quite a wild ride of a season. We have quite a few ‘drafts’ documenting what we’ve been up to, but they never got posted. I’ll attempt to provide some details in future posts, but some things will remain in my memories but off of the Internet. The interns saved us this year! I was working 50-60 hours at work (yes I work a “normal” job), and they really stepped up and helped make things happen!

So what did we do this year, since we didn’t post it online? Well here are a few of the highlights. Some of them were events organized by our friends, and we were attendees:

-We planted the first phase of our 2 acre+ community food forest. We have much more to plant, but it was a good start.
-Jess gave birth to Ember Lillian Fern in our living room May 15. The most exciting and important event of the year for us.
-Sepp Holzer spent half of a day at our site as part of a 4 day intensive. He explained his methods of hugel beds, increasing plantable surface area and microclimates, the need for living water and stories.
-Jesse Tack and Travis Childs organized (in collaboration with Spirit Farm) a PDC with Larry Santoyo and Keith Johnson. We were a very small part of it but I was thankful to sit in on a few sessions and get my permie batteries recharged.
– Erica and Ernie Wisner, the masters of rocket mass heaters, came and gave a two day workshop on wood heating and cooking. One day at spirit of hope and the other at the beautiful strawbale studio in Oxford.

-We built two 12’X36′ moveable hoophouses with lots of help from Kido from the Greening of Detroit and various volunteers.
-With the help of local Detroiter John Miller we plowed the area above the forest garden with draft horses. We planted a winter cover of rye, which didn’t seem to take too well. In the spring we plan to sow a combination o winter storage crops and buckwheat.








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